Should You DIY Or Hire A Handyman

With the rising popularity of YouTube channels and DIY blogs, several homeowners are trying to perform home maintenance. Of course, learning new skills is a matter of pride. However, sometimes you may need to stop and think: where can I find handyman services near me in centennial, co?

Yes, it is essential to remember that not every home maintenance project is the same. While there are ones you can handle, there are others you want to leave to the pros. Here are a few factors to help you differentiate between the two.


Without a doubt, this should be a primary concern of any homeowner. If the repair task will take place at a significant height, it is best to let a pro handle it. Trained handymen have the right ladders, scaffolding, and safety harnesses to perform the job safely and correctly.

Similarly, it would help if you let experts deal with electrical repairs. No amount of videos and online tutorials can ever substitute certified training and tools. In short, before starting on a DIY project, ensure that you can finish it safely.

Possibility Of Damage

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When performing DIY repair, you need to be entirely sure you know what you’re doing. The reason being, some repairs can be easily re-done if you make a few mistakes. However, some can lead to far more severe issues.

For instance, replacing a toilet flange’s wax ring is relatively simple. However, if you want to install a basement egress window, you need to be far more cautious. If you cut the foundation wrong, you put your entire home at risk.

Code Requirements

Some home maintenance projects have codes and require special legal permits. It is easy to overlook essential elements in such cases because you aren’t aware of them. Consider leaving such jobs to certified professionals to avoid legal hassles.

Final Thoughts

DIY projects can be a great way to pick up new skills and to pass the time. However, bear in mind that home maintenance isn’t child’s play. Before starting a project, consider the factors above to be sure you can handle it yourself. If at any time you feel you can’t, step away and call an expert!