How to Protect Baby From Mosquito Bites

Mosquito bites feel more itchy and painful to the little munchkins. Even after resorting to a mosquito control company in Severna Park, you have to take some precautionary steps. It is no secret that mosquitoes bite babies more frequently, and the exact reason is not very clear.

To prevent your little one from these dangerous mosquitoes, you can take up some simple steps. These steps will ensure that your baby is safe from harmful mosquitoes.

Install Window & Door Screens

Installation of window screen in the baby’s room and all windows in your home is a must. If you keep the windows open all day, it can be a welcoming point for mosquitoes. These window screens will ensure that the mosquitoes do not enter your home, and you can enjoy fresh air whenever you want.

The door screens will ensure that there are no gaps under the door. 

Use Baby-safe Mosquito Repellants

There are many baby-safe mosquito repellants available these days. The repellent should have an active DEET ingredient. This ingredient is safe for babies that are older than two months. The ideal DEET concentration for baby-safe lotion should be at least 50%.

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You must avoid using vaporized-based repellants since it can affect breathing in babies.

Opt for Protective Clothing

Even in your home, if there are many misquotes around, dress your baby in protective clothing. Avoid dressing them up in dark colors such as blue, red, and black; These colors attract more mosquitoes. Light yellow, white, and shades of pink and green are the least attractive colors.

With these simple steps, you can protect the apple of your eye from malicious mosquitoes. Remember that prevention is always better than cure. Also, these steps are not a substitute for mosquito control services. In case of severe misquotes, you have to opt for professional help.

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